S e n s e   F o o d    S t u f f    T r a d i n g    W L L

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About us


Sense Food Stuff Trading WLL is importer & distributor of various FMCG products  to Qatar market. With an extensive local distribution network, our group provides producers of world renowned FMCG the highest standard of representation in Qatar due to the division’s innovative management systems, knowledge in the distribution field as well as its prime focus on clients’ requirements and needs. The group progressiveness has maximized its efficiency, effectiveness and greatly improved its information systems, thus solidifying the mutual trust it shares with its clients as well as providing the general public with international quality brands that are available throughout all distribution channels across the country.


Our Mission


  1. We want to obtain new brands and develop new opportunities on services related to Information Technology Solutions and Communications.
  2.  To be the best in servicing our customers and clients.
  3.  To be an excellent leader in managing the Distribution System - achieving highest quality of works and always improve the supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.



Our Values


1.EXCELLENCE:-  We strive to be friendly, courteous as well as fair and compassionate in all our dealings. We promote to our employees to avoid forbidden conducts such as bribery, harassment and conflicts of interest.

2. RESPECT:- We abide the ethical values of respecting individual differences and sustaining the environment of charity works.     

3. TEAMWORK:- We set the high standard of work regardless of position and salary background. We protect and conserve company's resources.



Our Vision


  1. To improve the company's ability to recruit, retain, and develop good talent.
  2. Measure progress towards end-objectives for better improvement.
  3. Create high performance culture - continuous learning perspective.